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Containers (GroupBoxes & Frames)

This pyqt5 container tutorial will show you how to use both GroupBoxes as well as Frames.


A container is a place that contains a group of widgets. The major advantage of containers is that you can apply styles or properties to the container and have them apply to all of the widgets inside of it. That means that if you have 100 labels inside a container and you want them all to be red you don’t need to change each one individually. You can simply change that property on the container and it will apply to each of the widgets.


A groupbox is the first container showed in this tutorial. It works the exact same as a frame and has only two major differences: – A border – A title


A frame is the exact same as a groupbox but it does not have a border or a title. This means you cannot see where a frame is placed in the window.

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