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Learn to use a basic 2D graphics module to draw interesting shapes and images.

turtle-shapes-300x261.png turtle-race-300x261.png


Learn about the python module turtle. This is a default module that does not need to be installed. Turtle allows us to draw interesting shapes using simple syntax. It is a great tool to create simple 2D graphics quickly and effectively. I will be teaching how to create and fill shapes and how we can use user input to move our turtle objects and draw with the mouse or arrow keys.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn and understand the following after this tutorial:

  • All of the topics in the menu bar –>
  • Drawing Simple Shapes
  • Getting User Input
  • How to Draw Shapes With The Mouse
  • Using Keyboard Input to Create Shapes and Draw Images


This is a beginner friendly tutorial and requires very little experience to follow along. However the following may be nice to have:

  • Familiarity With Python 3 Syntax

If you have yet to learn the basics of python click here for a beginner tutorial…

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