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Learn how to create Tetris step-by-step.


This series will show you how to create Tetris using python and pygame. We will work towards creating a fully functioning Tetris game where shapes fall down the screen. The games difficulty increases at regular intervals causing the shapes to fall faster. This game will include scoring and saving those scores so we can compare which ones are the best. This is a full game development tutorial and does not skip any steps.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn and understand the following after this tutorial:

  • Multi-Dimensional List Processing
  • Game Loops
  • Basic Pygame Graphics
  • Advanced Python Functions & Methods
  • Scoring & Saving High Scores
  • Increasing Game Speed and Difficulty
  • End Screens
  • Start Menu’s


This is an intermediate level tutorial. However beginners should be able to follow along fairly well. That being said the following may be nice to have:

  • Programming Knowledge
  • Familiarity With Python 3 Syntax
  • Familiarity With Pygame
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