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Learn how to create a side-scrolling game.


This series will show you how to create a side-scrolling game using python and pygame. We will work towards creating a game where obstacles are randomly generated and the player must avoid them by sliding or jumping. The difficulty increases as time goes on and the objects and screen are moving faster.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn and understand the following after this tutorial:

  • Character Movement (Jumping, Walking etc.)
  • Random Object Generation
  • Game Loops
  • Collision and Hit-boxes
  • Scrolling Background
  • Scoring
  • Increasing Game Speed


This is an intermediate level tutorial. However beginners should be able to follow along fairly well. That being said the following may be nice to have:

  • Programming Knowledge
  • Familiarity With Python 3 Syntax
  • Familiarity With Pygame
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